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REDA Enterprises Ltd. has made a conscious effort to meet and exceed the safety requirements expected of our industry.  We have developed and implemented an extensive Safety Program and have attained and maintained a Certificate of Recognition since 2001.

REDA has memberships with safety monitoring organizations that our customers rely on. Contact us for more information 780-826-2737

The Health and Safety of all Workers is of primary importance to REDA.

REDA provides all mechanical and physical facilities necessary for the health and safety of its workers and maintains a Health and Safety Program conforming to the best practices in all areas of work.

Our Health and Safety Program involves:

  • Providing mechanical and physical safeguards
  • Conducting inspections to find and eliminate unsafe work conditions and practices, control of health hazards, ensure compliance to meet the Health and Safety standards for every job
  • Training of all workers in good Health and Safety practices
  • Ensuring necessary personal protective equipment is used with instruction and care of its use
  • Developing and enforcing health and safety rules and ensuring compliance to these rules
  • Prompt and thorough investigation of every incident to determine the cause, with proper training to ensure the Health and Safety of its workers in the future

All Subcontractors working for REDA must be in compliance with all the requirements of its Health and Safety Program.

At REDA we are proud to say our accomplishments are many and our quality is continuous.